Never Such Rain

Never Such Rain

2F 1M
(75 mins)

“Its virtues are outstanding…there’s not a beat wasted in the dialogue and the triangular set-up between damaged boy, strange, strong-willed girl and otherworldly mother is instantly and consistently absorbing…” – Dominic Cavendish, The Independent, UK

Brandon needs a gun but he doesn’t know how to use it. Jesse needs a friend and she doesn’t care who it is. These two teenagers are caught in failing worlds. The town is in free-fall and so are their families; the future looks bleak. The only thing growing in La Grange, Kentucky, is secrets. Brandon and Jesse may not trust each other but together they come up with a dangerous plan to turn things around.

– Performed at UT Austin (2015), directed by Lily Wolff.

(photo by Shannon Kintner)